April 10, 2011

How to Make a Paper Firecracker

 A paper "firecracker", also often referred to as a Chinese "firecracker", is a simple to fold device that can be used to create loud popping noises. They can be folded out of almost any form of paper, each having their own effect on the kind of pop they will create. They shouldn't take more than a minute to fold and the method of folding is easy to remember.

What You Will Need

  • A piece of paper 


1. Begin with a standard sheet of paper

2. Fold the top down about an inch

3. Repeat this fold until there are two somewhat equal sections, one folded, and the other unfolded
4. Hamburger fold, leaving the already folded sides out.

How to Use

1. With the open side of the hamburger fold faced down, pull out the unfolded portion and hold the two folded tips together using your index and thumb. Be sure to have both pockets facing down. To make the popping noise, fling your arm downwards, filing the pockets with air.
2. Once the pop has been made, fold the "firecracker" back to it's original form and repeat as many times as you'd like!
Watch and Learn!

I put together a little video here to help guide you through the steps. Hope it helps!


    • Generally, the thicker the paper you use, the louder the pop you'll create
    • The "firecracker" will eventually wear down at the folds after constant use and pops will become softer, in this case, you'll simply have to refold another.

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