April 18, 2011

How to Make a Pen Gun - Version 1

This simple pen gun requires nothing but a pen and two elastics. When made correctly, it can shoot up to 70 feet!

What You Will Need
  • One pen with ends which you can remove
  • Two elastics (rubber bands). The stronger the elastic, the further your pen gun will shoot! 
Watch How To
To see how this pen gun is made and the distance it can shoot with a weak elastic, watch my video.
  • There are a number of pen gun possibilities, try making some yourself!
  • This specific pen gun will shoot differently depending on the elastic you use. Try other kinds to see what the effects will be!
  • Do not shoot this at people or animals, it has a high possibility of injuring them 
 Got suggestions? Post em' below!

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  1. this is cool man! i love your site....:D


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