April 11, 2011

How to Speak Pig Latin

Though the origins of Pig Latin remain unknown, it is now used as one of the most common forms of coded speech. Simple in concept, Pig Latin is easy to learn, but requires much practice to become fluent in.
Words Beginning With A Consonant
Transfer the first letter of the word to the back and add "ay" behind that.

  • Hamburger = Amburgerhay
  • Pizza = Izzapay
  • Hot Dog = Othay Ogday

Words Beginning With Multiple Consonants
Move the multiple consonants to the back of the word and add "ay".

  • Shirt = Irtshay
  • Gloves = Ovesglay
  • Sweater = Eatersway

Words Beginning With A Vowel
Simply add "way to the end of the word.

  • Earth = Earthway
  • Ocean = Oceanway
  • Air = Airway

A few tips to help you in your first few Pig Latin conversations:
  • Be sure to enunciate your words properly
  • Don't talk too fast or you may confuse your conversational parter
  • Practice makes perfect! If at first Pig Latin seems difficult, keep on trying different phrases to get the hang of it 
  • Beware of dialects! Some people may have learned a different dialect than you, to learn those, I would suggest you check out this website
  • A good English to Pig Latin translator

Oodgay ucklay!
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